Iflexion use the intensity of profound learning and PC vision to convey picture investigation programming for different enterprises.

Use cases for image analysis

Our PC vision arrangements address business challenges that emerge in Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Security, Logistics, Banking, and different ventures.

Facial recognition
Face detection

This feature allows an application to detect whether a person’s face is presented in an image or in a video record. Face detection makes a foundation for more sophisticated cases such as personal identification, event detection, and markerless AR software based on image analysis.

Personal identification

Matching a detected face with a database of known individuals, our image analysis software can confirm their identity. This allows for a variety of opportunities, from multifactor authentication for apps with high security standards to detecting criminals in a crowd for CCTV monitoring.

Emotion recognition

Analyzing faces of clients in a bank or shoppers in a store before and after communication with the employees, emotion recognition software identifies positive and negative changes in customer satisfaction levels. And this is only one possible application of this feature – think of your own, innovative purpose for emotion recognition, and we will transform your ideas into powerful computer vision applications.

Robotic vision
Robotic assistants and toys

As a PC vision organization, we influence PC vision procedures to give robots the capacity to see the environment. Mechanical vision may vary altogether in capacities – an automated vacuum needs just essential spatial detecting to assemble a guide of a room, while wise colleagues frequently have in-fabricated face and feeling acknowledgment highlights to distinguish their proprietors and respond to changes in their states of mind. We guarantee that our custom picture examination programming for robots is tweaked to their motivations.

Industrial robots

Having the capacity to "see" the subtleties on a mechanical production system, modern robots can supplant people in everyday dreary assignments that require vision – from gathering to robotized quality examination . Mechanize your sequential construction system with machine vision programming to accelerate activities complex.


Outfitted with cameras, present day rambles need to make just a single above and beyond to wind up irreplaceable collaborators in coordinations, geology, and resistance, and this is the capacity to distinguish and perceive objects given by picture examination programming. We enable automatons with PC vision to enable you to see the distinction!

Event detection
Smart video surveillance systems

With our picture investigation programming, you can likewise upgrade the wellbeing of your physical office. Occasion and oddity location progressively video causes security staff to be on watch, cautioning them if something strange occurs.

Medical image analysis

We make therapeutic picture examination programming for emergency clinic and practices around the world. In social insurance, PC vision is utilized as a feature of PC supported analysis programming helping specialists to identify anomalous signs in both 3D and plain pictures and recordings. While not having the capacity to supplant human clinicians, PC vision applications can turn into their dependable aides, bringing up regions worth exceptional consideration and in this manner decreasing human blunder in radiology.

  • CT
  • MRI
  • PET
  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray

Automated visual inspection (AVI)

Giving machine vision counseling and advancement, we make picture examination programming that controls nature of items in different businesses: sustenance (pastry kitchen, leafy foods, meat, and so on.), fabricating (printboards, different congregations, glasses, and so forth.).

Quality inspection

Detecting various visible defects in UV, infrared, X-ray, and visible spectrum.

Grading and sorting

Apart from finding defective items, AVI can classify and sort them based on a customizable grading system.


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