Keeping in venture with innovation movement and elearning development, we change your learning ideas into client driven, drawing in, and succinct elearning arrangements.


Iflexion helps their clients in making e-learning arrangements a fundamental piece of instructive and business forms. We reshape learning programs through present day advances, open up new e-learning channels, and expand e-learning background crosswise over various gatherings of people.

Education providers

We direct instructive foundations (colleges, universities, schools) and e-learning suppliers towards result-arranged e-learning arrangements. In classrooms or on the web, we empower instructors to achieve their students and win their devotion. We apply both customary and creative e-learning ways to deal with convey arrangements that spread differing e-taking in strategies from well-known social and mixed figuring out how to present day AR/VR-empowered learning.

Corporate customers

We help associations of all sizes to pick, create and actualize e-learning arrangements so as to drive workers' execution and improve hierarchical results through computerized instruction. Our corporate clients get easy to use and instinctive inside preparing and expert advancement applications, just as outside confronting learning entryways for accomplices and customers, along these lines taking into account the instructive needs of different client gatherings.

E-learning integratorst

Through custom e-learning advancement, Iflexion enables programming suppliers to configuration, send and tune stage based and custom e-learning programming. We give full-cycle IT counseling and improvement benefits and can join an e-learning venture at any stage. We likewise back e-learning integrators up in such spaces as business examination, e-learning arrangement testing, progressing upkeep and backing.

Custom elearning solutions for enterprise-wide education

To help our customers hit their learning targets easier and faster, we bring various learning domains under a unified e-learning hood. This allows us to ensure boundless knowledge distribution, a secure collaboration of e-learning participants and extensive e-learning reporting.

Learning management system (LMS)

Making SCORM-agreeable learning the board frameworks, we digitize learning programs empowering guides and their students to profit by flexible online training.

  • Built-in content management modules and rich multimedia editors
  • Well-balanced course scheduling and planning for effective course delivery
  • Online communication through course chatrooms, embedded messaging systems, and social networking features
  • Individual areas for students and tutors to structure learning content, follow training activities, stay tuned into personal advance and learning updates

Expanding your elearning capabilities

Iflexion tames modern technologies to diversify users’ e-learning experience, help learning providers make their offerings more attractive while helping learners achieve better results.

Game-based learning

We can make your learning exercises all the more dazzling and dynamic through the energy of an amusement. By adding gamification components to e-learning arrangements, we help students and teachers diminish learning exertion and time. Diversions help students get new information in an engaging way and remember learning materials better, just as enable teachers to survey how well students apply their insight in pre-displayed circumstances.

Immersive learning

Taking the upsides of Augmented and Virtual Reality, we help our clients set vivid learning in motion. AR and VR innovations empower us to change conventional learning content into life-like situations. Along these lines, students can practice their insight and aptitudes in a safe virtual circumstance before they apply them, in actuality. Actualizing virtual e-treks and classrooms, we guarantee one of a kind learning background and help associations cut their learning costs altogether.

AI-assisted learning

By conveying the intensity of computerized reasoning to e-learning arrangements, we present a profoundly customized learning process dependent on students' understanding and inclinations. In e-learning reality, AI takes into account adjusting learning content continuously and making it simple to see and hold. Artificial intelligence prepared learning frameworks can likewise enable teachers to exceed expectations in students' profiling, assess each part of students' instruction way and change it as indicated by their capacities.

Supporting essential tiers of elearning software


Contingent upon your business area and necessities, Iflexion guarantees your e-learning arrangements' consistence with SCORM, AICC, xAPI, CMI-5, IMS Common Cartridge, IMS Learning Tools Interoperability and Section 508 principles.


We organize security parts of e-learning arrangements and guarantee substance, students' and educators' close to home information insurance, secure installments, accordingly making your answer ensured against security dangers.


We make an associated e-learning biological community by coordinating e-learning arrangements with joint effort applications, installment frameworks, CRM arrangements, BI instruments and informal organizations, in this manner assembling all e-learning aspects.


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