Since our inception in 1999, CodeCounter has been turning in software improvement and associated IT offerings. We integrate established methodologies, business area knowledge and technology information of 850+ skilled software program experts to deliver high great answers. security and ip protection

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Here at Iflexion we pay due diligence to security and intellectual property protection. We are strongly committed to securing business processes from end to end and respecting our customers’ intellectual property rights and data. With this in mind, we have established a set of corporate policies and procedures that every employee must comply with such as account, data, and physical security, along with more specialized policies covering internal applications and systems that employees are required to and ip protection


We realize that the economic value of your software assets critically depends on the nature of IP rights involved. Bearing that in mind, we utilize best practices and all the available legal and physical means to protect your legitimate interests. security and ip protection

Information Non-Disclosure

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with our customers as to provide their sensitive information with maximum security and confidentiality. Upon acceptance of employment, all employees are required to execute a confidentiality agreement and must acknowledge receipt of and compliance with Iflexion’s security policies. security and ip protection

Distributed Environment

Our applications run in a multi-tenant, distributed environment. Rather than segregating each customer’s data onto a single machine or set of machines, Iflexion proprietary and customer data is distributed among a shared infrastructure comprising multiple homogeneous systems located across multiple geographically distributed data and ip protection

Title Transfer

We acknowledge your expectation of full ownership and control over the IP that your company requires to conduct its business. We have put in place a legal system which ensures that all employees, consultants and third parties sign agreements that assign all IP to Iflexion immediately on creation and waive all moral rights to the fullest extent permitted by law. security and ip protection

Data Destruction

When retired from our systems, disks containing customer data are subjected to a data destruction process before leaving our premises. The disks are logically wiped by authorized individuals using a process approved by the IT security team and released to inventory for reuse and redeployment. If impossible due to hardware failure, the disks are physically destroyed. security and ip protection


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